Why Choose Our Spine Program?

The spine team at Children’s Colorado is among the most knowledgeable pediatric care teams in the country. For the most basic to the most complex spinal conditions, our goal is to always provide the safest and most effective treatments, often beginning with non-surgical options.

Back Pain: Overview

What is back pain?

Back pain is pain anywhere in the back from the neck to the low back. Most back pain in children is related to activity and overuse of the muscles that are in the back. Back pain can also occur acutely (short-term) during sporting events if a child sustains an injury during practice or a game. Learn more about sports and common injuries.

Not all low back pain is actually due to a problem in the back. There are occasions when back pain is caused by a problem with the hip joint or muscles. Back pain can also be caused by a fracture, arthritis, disc problems or spinal misalignment.

Back pain is very common in growing children and adolescents.

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