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Sindig-Larsen-Johannson: Programs and Clinics

How is Sindig-Larsen-Johannson treated?

Sindig-Larsen-Johannson is treated mainly by controlling the pain. This condition can be frustrating, as the child is prone to this pain during the entire length of the growth spurt (usually about two years). Once the growth spurt is over, the pain should resolve. Sindig-Larsen-Johannson is difficult to prevent completely, but changing the type and the amount of activity will help control the pain.

In the meantime, your child may choose to participate in fewer activities or lower-impact activities to avoid pain. Rest should be encouraged based on the pain, but your child should be allowed to return to activity once the pain is under control.

Placing ice over the area of pain after activity can be helpful. For severe pain, over-the-counter pain medicine (such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen) may also be considered. Stretching the muscles around the knee – such as the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles – is highly recommended. Wearing a knee brace can also be helpful for some patients.

Learn more about our Sports Medicine Program for Young Athletes that treats Sindig-Larsen-Johannson.

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