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Tommy's Story

Condition: Ankle Sprain
Sport: Soccer

Imagine playing soccer your entire life, waiting for the chance when you might get noticed by college scouts. This was the reality for Real Colorado Soccer athlete Tommy Jaeger, as he suited up for a game knowing there would be important eyes on him. Giving his all on the field, he jumped up to volley a ball on defense - and as he landed, his ankle gave out. Was his shot at playing college soccer over?

Tommy suffered a lateral right ankle sprain that took him out of the game that day and for a couple months after. He was unable to bear weight on his right leg and wore a walking boot to protect his ankle while it healed.

Tyler's Story

Condition: Cerebral Palsy
Sport: Skiing

Just a few breaths of life and Tyler Warner was already navigating a network of trails and challenges - he suffered a stroke in the womb and was born five-and-a-half weeks early. Revolutionary treatment offered by Children's Hospital Colorado ensured Tyler would meet those challenges with confidence and success, for his journey had just begun.

At four months old, Tyler was diagnosed with a Wilm's tumor, believed to develop from immature kidney cells. Tyler's treatment consisted of 15 months of chemotherapy and radiation.

During Tyler's battle with cancer, Kris Warner, Tyler's mom, a physical therapist, noticed his right hand and arm, "weren't quite normal." At the time of his birth, the effects of his stroke were unknown. As he got older his lack of right hand and arm function became apparent, and he was diagnosed with right hemiplegia cerebral palsy due to his stroke in utero.


Sam's Story

Condition: Osteosarcoma
Sport: Football

During the summer of 2008, Sam Baker was preparing for his senior-year football season as defensive lineman in summer training camp when he began to have pain in his right leg.

"The pain just kept getting worse and worse over the summer," Sam recalled. "One of the coaches called me a wussy. That’s when I finally went to the doctor."

At his first visit to a doctor in Colorado Springs, Colo., he was diagnosed with tendinitis and told to take it easy for a few weeks. The pain didn’t let up.

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